Motorcycle Towing isn’t as easy as towing a normal vehicle. Many motorcycles don’t have the storage capacity to carry the tools you needed to deal with the variety of situations on the road that you can face.  Don’t come to realize that there is only a small range of Motorcycle Towing services in Calgary which will provide a good service to your motorcycle. If your motorcycle starts to give you trouble and makes you stranded on the side of the road, then you can give just a call to us. The Calgary Towing’s  nearby reliable service will do the following when you need a Motorcycle towing service:

Motorcycle Towing By The Calgary Towing

Use of the proper equipment

Many motorcycles are not made to get the wheels moving while the engine is not running. Understand your bike’s feature beforehand, and know which Motorcycle Towing service will support you properly will provide by us.

Checks the tire pressure correctly

It can sound easy – but when in tow, you don’t want a blowout or a rollover! Tires would need to be inflated properly.

Have enough space / protect your bike

Not all motorcycles are made to stand upright themselves. They will need special, powerful straps to secure and several of them when towing. A professional service will ensure that your bike is safe throughout all the Motorcycle Towing bumps and moves involved. It doesn’t matter how stable it is – it moves. Make sure your bike has enough space to move without incurring any damage.

The Battery

It should be secured properly and the cables should be safeguarded against creating an electrical short.

Gas tank

You could drain your gas tank as a safety precaution particularly if your motorcycle is towed in a crate.

Unlock the Steering 

Keeping unlocked is essential to the steering.


It would need to fold all the mirrors in.

Our organization recognizes that regular and normal towing methods do not operate easily on motorcycles. That is why we only assign and appoint members of staff, who are skilled, trained and qualified in handling the kind of motorcycle you have. We make sure someone who is well versed in the art of Motorcycle Towing is the one who can facilitate over your bike. Our firm guarantees you that your bike does not slide, scratched and become damaged because it is being transported to the designated location. The Calgary Towing, our company has lots of experience in assisting motorists during times of emergency. Over the years, we have grown a team of highly qualified professionals who are just used to repairing and towing motorcycles. Blessed with a diverse professional team, we don’t just tow the motorcycles. We are going as far as testing it and how we can patch it. Our greatest goal, after all, is to get the motorists back on the road at all costs. Simple words, we are still keeping our pledge to help with any motorcycle related issues.

24 Hour Towing Services By The Calgary Towing

We will be there to assist you in no time, and we have a wide vary of equipment that approves us to deal with simply about each towing job in Calgary.

Locations : Calgary Airport, Tuscany, Evanston, Country Hills, Panorama Hills, Nose Hill Park, Nolan Hills, Harvest Hills and everywhere in Calgary .

Phone: 403-478-7900


Location: Calgary, Canada



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